10 Years of Experience

23 Studios was founded in 2009 as the first Turkish game localization company which provides services like text & audio localization, QA and content creation. In the past decade, we had the privilege to work with prominent players in the industry, such as, but not limited to EA, Ubisoft, SEGA, CD Projekt RED, and Netflix. In 2019, we decided to expand our operations to provide access to the booming demand for video games in Turkey. To this end, our studio now provides a wide range of publishing services which will be invaluable to foreign game developers.

Our decade long experience with humbling AAA projects led us to be wired into the heart of Turkish digital gaming ecosystem. Our network of connections to the digital service providers, gaming press, influencers and gamers is cast far and wide. We know these roads, because we built them.

Strong Ties with the Ecosystem

We Also Develop Our Own Games

Instead of sitting on our exponential success in the craft of localization, we’ve decided to put our efforts where our hearts are; making games. Our team is also working long and hard to make games that we would like to play. Thus, we understand your needs and concerns as a game developer.

Our team consists of 60 individuals from all walks of life, whose only common denominator is love for games. With passion as our north star, members of our unique work environment toil on what they want to achieve. This fresh approach to forming a team bind us not only as co-workers, but friends. It is not what we do in office hours that bind us, but camaraderie. Thatched together humbly, by shared purpose.

Great Team


There are 80+ projects that we can not mention here. Please contact us for the full portfolio.