Frequently Asked Questions

What is your pricing model for localization and publishing?

We charge text localization based on word count of source text and audio localization based on production hours.
If you need full package of publishing services (including text localization), we work with a revenue share model on revenue generated from Turkey.

Do we need to share our source code with you?

No, we won’t ask you to share your source code with us.

Which platforms you focus on?

The game can be on mobile, PC, or other consoles. However, we focus on games that are distributed on digital platforms. We don’t have physical distribution services.

Do you publish my game only on Turkey?

Yes, our focus is the Turkish market right now. But we also have plans to expand to the region in near future.

Do you require an exclusivity agreement for publishing?

We only require exclusivity for Turkish version. You can work with any publisher on other language versions of the game.

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